Marketing work

A collection of marketing/advertisement design work.


Stella Artois +

The goal was to create two sets of banner ads and social shareables to drive users to purchase chalices and donate.

Stella Artois created a campaign that partners with to help provide water to women in developing countries around the world, promoting the end of the global water crisis.  Artist from various countries around the world design limited edition chalices that are then sold and the profits donated to

300 x 600 copy.png
300 x 600.png
300 x 600 copy 3.png
300 x 600 copy 2.png
ads 2 copy.png
ads 1 copy.png


Sudoku mobile game

Designed a new store app icon, screenshots, and banner ads for an android mobile game to increase download engagement.



Designed a logo with a warmer color palette to stand out in the google store while creating an icon that represents the sudoku game.

Sudoku store app icon - Android.png


Designed images that connected across separate screens to encourage viewers to scroll through them. The images provide information regarding the gameplay while showing them screenshots. 

Screenshot 1+2.png
Artboard 3.png

In-game banner ads

Designed in-game banner ads to get users to download the Sudoku game. Used vivid colors to attract attention while matching the color palettes from the logo and screenshot images.

Artboard 2 Copy.png
Artboard 2.png